Vedat Öndas

Vedat Öndas CEO

In a career spanning 30 dynamic years, with over 20 years in the role of CEO, Vedat Öndas has donned various hats – from initiating 16 startups to navigating two successful IPOs and overseeing a billion-dollar portfolio. Vedat has seamlessly mastered the intricate balance between strategic vision and operational finesse.

Between 2018 and 2020, Vedat took a captivating detour into academia, assuming the role of a lecturer at JAMK School of Business. For two years, Vedat immersed himself in sharing knowledge on Strategy, Management, and Global Sales. Notably, Vedat also contributed to the academic discourse, exploring the nuances of Startup Failure, with an article published at the Research in Entrepreneurship (RENT) conference.

Currently, Vedat is in the throes of the startup scene, actively bringing two new ventures to life – a testament to an enduring passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Additionally, Vedat holds the esteemed position of CEO, steering the ship for the ArcticStartup media and conferences. Responsible for the success of the Arctic15 Startup Conference, Nordeep, Tonic Summit, and the Hamam Tech Summit, Vedat plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative around entrepreneurship, innovation, and tech.

Academically, Vedat boasts an impressive array of qualifications, including an M.Sc. in Information Technology in Management, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Business Competence, and a B.A. in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations. Yet, Vedat sees learning not as a checkbox but as an ongoing journey.On stage at conferences, Vedat isn't just sharing insights; he's narrating authentic stories – the victories, the setbacks, and the humour that accompanies the business journey. Vedat embraces the challenges ahead with enthusiasm, always ready for what's next and eager to engage in conversations.