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This is a carefully crafted event like no other! Fresh and exciting designed to inspire you. Every element has a purpose ... a full day from which you will leave with new connections, new understandings and new ways of thinking.

Buy a Ticket (Now!)
Turn up at 08.30 3th May 2024 to register. Walk in and spend the day surrounded by Industry peers, artists, fresh new startups and well established companies
Download the schedule of speakers running from 1000-1600 across the 2 stages. (Varied subject matters where you can tailor the day to your personal and team needs)
Book a mentoring session for your company with an industry/country expert
Relax in one of the lounges, grab a coffee (or Gin & Tonic) & network to your heart's content
Buy some lunch (Local, fresh, energising)
Learn of the Artists creative process, let their work inspire you and strike up new conversations
Jump in to the co-working space with your team to catch up on the day
If you want to have a meeting with one of your customers ... book a Tonik meeting room to host in a relaxed environment
Join one of the Tonik panel discussions or workshops
...+ so much more.
Then freshen up, join for the Afterparty where the networking gets supercharged! - Exciting details to be released shortly.

Will there be Gin? – Yes!
& its Faroese of course


15 Vestara Bryggja
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands


Main event 10:00 – 16:00
AfterParty 16:00 - Late