Rúnar Reistrup

Rúnar ReistrupCEO, YunoJuno

Runar is CEO of leading freelance marketplace YunoJuno, based in London. Reistrup was part of the founding team that built the mobile social network ZYB which was successfully sold to Vodafone Group where he went on to hold several leadership positions including serving as Vodafone Group’s Global Head of Product.

In 2013, he became the first CEO of Depop and steered the popular Gen-Z fashion platform through multiple funding rounds taking it from early-stage start-up to market dominance in the UK and successful expansion into the US, growing Depop to worldwide recognition. Depop has subsequently been acquired by Etsy for £1.6bn

Runar has dedicated his career building and expanding community-driven companies that drive positive change. At YunoJuno he is championing flexibility and empowerment as the future of work for the company that is described as one of the most impactful companies to come out of the UK in recent years.