Peer Bentzen

Peer BentzenCEO, Nemlia | Digital Visionary | Human-Centric Innovator

Peer is the CEO of Nemlia, a groundbreaking HealthTech company based in the Faroe Islands. Under his leadership since 2021, Nemlia has rapidly expanded its services and business across Nordic and European countries. The company’s mission is to address the profound demographic shifts we are experiencing today, particularly the challenges posed by an aging population and a shortage of caregivers.

Nemlia stands at the forefront of innovation, harnessing the power of intelligent data analysis (AI) to transform healthcare and care. Rather than relying solely on algorithms, Nemlia takes a human-centric approach. The company collaborates closely with caregivers, actively listening to their needs and co-creating tools that empower them. For Peer, better care isn’t just about numbers—it’s about preserving the essence of humanity.

Peer’s journey as a change-maker began long before Nemlia. During his tenure at Deutsche Post DHL, he orchestrated the transformation of traditional business units into digital entities that achieved unicorn status. Notable successes include EPost, the Robotics Hub, and the Accelerator Hub. Later, at Microsoft, Peer played a pivotal role in building Office365’s hosted exchange and driving customer success. His strategic vision extended to managing partnerships with over 40,000 global partners within the Windows and Office ecosystems.

At the core of Peer’s philosophy lies a commitment to human well-being. Technology, he believes, should serve as an enabler—a means to enhance the quality of life for all. Whether it’s improving patient outcomes or streamlining administrative processes, Peer advocates for solutions that prioritize people. His passion for human-centric tech innovation shines through in every endeavor he engages in as leader and advisor for startups around the world.

Peer’s fireside talk promises to be a thought-provoking experience about the importance of focusing on the “niche” to become a global leader. He’ll remind us that behind every data point lies a heartbeat, and within every heartbeat resides a unique story. Innovation, according to Peer, is not a solitary pursuit; it’s a collaborative moonshot. Join him on the MOVI stage as he inspires us to embrace technology while keeping our humanity intact.