Peer Bentzen

Peer BentzenCEO, Nemlia

Peer is the CEO of Nemlia, a HealthTech SaaS company started in the Faroe Islands. Since taking the helm (2021), he has spearheaded the growth of its services and business to other Nordic Countries, Germany, UK and lately France. Nemlia is focused on taking on the massive change in demographics that we see today, with more and more elderly and less people to care for them. Using intelligent (AI) data analysis and collaborative understanding of the needs of caregivers enables Nemlia to build tools and services that empowers the caregivers and care providers to provide better care.

Throughout his life, Peer has focused on using digital technologies to improve humans’ interactions with each other and society. To this end, he has always found himself leading the charge of digital innovation and transformation. As EVP at Deutsche Post DHL he built several new digital services to transform the company business models to take on new market requirements of more and more digital services (e.g., EPost, Robotic Hub, Startup Accelerators Hub, and more). In his role as Senior Manager at Microsoft he led the building of Office365 go-to-market customer services, as well as being business development and partner management for over 40.000 global partners using the Windows & Office Ecosystems.

Peer is passioned about using digital technologies to improve life for all. He has always seen human interaction as the core value of every product and service he has built and launched, and technology as the enabler. “Humans are always at the center and technology is a means to an end, never the other way around