Laila Mote

Laila Mote

Laila Mote (1994) is a visual artist and architect born and raised in the Faroe Islands with roots from Kenya. Possessing a master’s degree in Architecture, she brings a unique combination of skills to the fields of art and design.

At a young age she was drawn to illustrate imaginative creatures through her art. As she got older, she realized this was a way for her to express and cope with the complex emotions emerging from growing up as a minority in a small society. Today she uses her artworks as a statement as she consciously works with the topics of alienation and belonging.

She is actively engaged in creating art pieces that elicit various responses from the audience. Through her exhibitions, it has been observed that her artworks evoke a range of different emotions, including curiosity, laughter, revulsion i.a. The artist values these emotions equally as they hopefully can provide a glimpse of the feelings her and other minority groups carry on a daily basis. In addition, aiming to offer comfort to those who need it by being seen and acknowledged.

As a result of her passion for experimenting with various forms of media, ranging from digital art and charcoal sketches, the artist’s creatures exhibit constant evolution and transformation, never retaining a fixed appearance.

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