Jón Sonni Jensen

Jón Sonni Jensen

Jón Sonni Jensen (1988) is a visual artist from the Faroe Islands where he also currently lives and works in the capital Tórshavn. He has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Norwich University of the Arts, Norwich, UK, where he graduated in 2012. He has been working exclusively as an artist and creative since 2016, but his career spans about 15 years.

He has a myriad of experiences within visual art, curation and artistic committee work.

Several of his pieces are featured in prominent collections, such as at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands and the Royal Danish art Collection. He has also sold work to prominent buyers like the New Carlsberg Foundation.

Aside from his fine art, Jensen also works in graphic design, illustration, interior design, teaching, and sewing.

Jensen's artist statement describes his practice thusly:

My practice scrutinizes the bodily with premise in biology and the psychology between repulsion and appeal. With respect to these subject matters I particularly base my research on theories and imagery methods within medical technology and an experimentation in the psychosomatic experience of materials.

Through my depictions of the corporeal as fragment, construction and mass-product as well as my undeviating utilization of a juxtaposition of corporeal, industrial and 'clinical' materials, I aim to simultaneously generate familiar and alienated notions of the bodily and its identity.

Visit Jón Sonni Jensen's website to see a full CV and larger body of work: www.jonsonnijensen.com

(Portrait photo ©: Eyðbjørn Jacobsen (eydbii myndir))

(Artwork photo ©: Jón Sonni Jensen)